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Mar 30, 2020

Supporting your own has always been a thing... Or not... 

  • What it means to support your own 
  • Where to spend your coins
  • Black Business Owner's
  • Holding Businesses Accountable
    • Forgiveness VS. Open mind
  • Circulating Currency Within the Communities
    • Where money in our hoods go!?


Mar 23, 2020

Today we sit down to with our special guest @Badd_Dexter talk about the nuisances of being a Black Gay Man. 

@Badd_Dexter is an all around, stand-up guy and creative talent.  In this episode Dexter talks about his coming out story and how it felt growing up GAY.  Dexter walks us from childhood through adulthood, being...

Mar 16, 2020

We're baaaccckkk!! Let's catch up, share our "safe words", dating, Presidential nominees, Coronavirus hysteria (over it), social media breaks, Zaya Wade, and learning how to mind the business that pays you!